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Not all files are equal.  Some are everyday, selfies, and some contain decades worth of vital office & company data.

Google Drive & Office 365 backup Services

Isn't my data already backed up by Google & Microsoft?


You might think that your Google Drive and Office 365 data is backed up, but Google

and Microsoft do not back up your data for you.  In fact, in their terms of service they

specifically state that they are not a backup service, bu that they offer file access

services.  What this means is that your Office data can be erased and you won't be able

to recover your staff data.  It is the policy of these companies that they do not backup

your data for you, unless, in some cases, you pay more fora  premium plan.

                                                What are the benefits of Affirmed Data Backups?

Backups save you from total data loss.  You can never predict when your tech will fail, but you can guarantee that at some point, it will.  Affirmed gives you peace of mind with automatic data backups, either locally or in the cloud.  Our daily backups mean your

essential data is backed up and protected and available instantly, in case anything goes wrong. 


Backing up protects your from physical hardware failure, natural events such as floods or fires and even against malicious employees.  It saves you time and money down the road, by avoiding the often expensive task of data recovery. 

With Affirmed you also get to speak with an actual person that will gladly answer all your questions and manage your backups for you.  They'll be there to get you back on track, in the event of any emergencies.  



  • technology fails

  • you can forget your password

  • you can lose access to the email accounts to reset your passwords

  • you account can become limited or under review, which prevents file access

  • your account could be hacked


  • peace of mind & data security

  • protection against hardware failures

  • better organization of files

  • backing up now saves you time & money from future disasters

  • protection against malicious employees


Local Backup Comparison

ADVANTAGES                                                                       DISADVANTAGES

  • does not need an internet connection

  • faster storage & recovery of files

  • safe from third party access

  • onsite server storage

  • unsafe to fires or natural events

  • no remote access to files

  • requires physical space at your location

  • unsafe to cyberattacks or malware


ADVANTAGES                                                                       DISADVANTAGES

  • very little upfront cost

  • access your files from anywhere

  • secure ssl encryption

  • safe from viruses & power loss

  • unsafe to fires or power loss

  • no remote access to files

  • slower file recovery

  • no access if your internet goes down

 Affirmed Backup Solutions.

Our low cost Data Backup options are the perfect fit for your company, whether you have just a few employees or a dedicated team.  Don't leave your data at risk, get a Backup Solution today and give yourself and your staff peace of mind and data security.  

Affirmed can secure your data and save you money on expensive data recovery.  We will setup and manage automatic Local or Cloud backup plans that will protect your essential data.  Our agents monitor your files to ensure that they are ready for retrieval, if ever you should need them.

Cloud Backup Comparison

See it for yourself.


Google & Microsoft state in their Terms of Service (TOS) that they do not backup your data for you. 

What are the differences between Local & Cloud Backups?

There are several ways of securing your data, let's discuss the most most common ways.  Firstly there are Local Backups.  Local means your data is backed up at your business or residence.  Cloud Backups mean that your data is backed up on the internet and stored on secured servers not located at your area.


Let us analyze your current data scheme and tell you how at risk you are and which backup solutions are right for your needs!

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