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Welcome to the Affirmed suite of packages.  Our budget friendly packages cover a wide range of manged IT support needs, whether they're simple or complex. 

Yes, we can handle that.


Update, manage & protect all your pc's & laptops with our Workstation Management.


Workstation Management  gives you one centralized team that manages & protects all the devices across your organization.  We handle the patching & updates for every device, ensuring that you are protected against emerging threats with the latest updates.  Our 24 hour monitoring analyzes your devices for memory usage, low disk space and other common issues, while reducing the demands of your IT team. 

Workstation Management

deploy software to all pc's

Installing and updating software on your employee devices is easy with Affirmed.  We take care of all installation & updating of software like G Suite, MS Office, Creative Cloud and many other popular platforms.

This is all handled remotely and does not matter where the users device is located.  We can also remove software remotely from a device, preventing unwanted access to sensitive info and data.


did you know?

80% of companies who had a data

breach could have prevented it by 

patching on time

- Voke Media Survey

industry leading antivirus protection

Our class leading Antivirus protects your pcs & data from all virus threats.  In addition to the latest virus definitions , our Antivirus uses Artificial Intelligence deep learning to identify unknown threats.  This protects you from emerging risks on a daily basis.


did you know?

Printer & device installation

New printers or devices (such as macbooks & chromebooks) can be installed and managed remotely.  If you add a new device to your network, we can install, manage and update it all without needing to schedule an in person tech visit.


You can't always control the software the comes with your new devices.  We can remove any unnecessary software and ensure that all devices match your group policy settings.   

37% of organizations admitted that they

don’t even scan for vulnerabilities

- Penemon Report

we can adhere all of your devices to your companies security policy. 

operating system updates


We keep all of your Windows and Macbooks updated and patched against ll the latest security threats.   You benefit from our centralized management and your devices gain improved security & performance.   Updates can be performed outside of office hours, making more devices available for employee use.

Affirmed Packages Suite

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