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IT Support when you need it the most.

Affirmed offers emergency support during the health crisis for all our clients.  We provide rapid response in the tri-state area.  We observe saftey guidelines and wear personal protectictive equipment (PPE).  We can diagnose & repair most common issues in the same day, getting you up and running, quickly.  Our friendly techs will be there to handle the repairs and make sure you're up and running in no time!


Work from home setup

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a business owner with many staff members, Affirmed can set you and your staff up for success while working from home. We offer remote clients and VPN services so that you can connect to your devices at your office, enabling you vital access to your work computers, printers, and data. We can also set you up with access to any software you use for your business. Contact us for more information!


Responsive remote support

Affirmed Technologies specializes in remote support. Just pick up the phone, email or submit a ticket with our seamless ticketing portal, and we're there for you. Our initial response times is less than a few hours, often times much sooner. We offer screen view and remote control options while working on your issue eliminating the frustrations of trying to explain the problem. Whether you're dealing with a frustrating error, or would like to request training or consultation on a technical matter, we're here to help!


Benefits: Onsite or remote support. Same day availability & repairs. Immediate response & diagnosis. Available for after hour calls. If you need Emergency Support, contact us with the options below Phone - 718.489.3696 Direct Email -


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