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Smart Home Services

Updated: May 22, 2020

Our smart home solutions make your home safe, elegant, fun and easy to use

Add a modern & elegant touch to your home with Affirmeds Smart Home Services.  It bringshome automation and security right to your fingertips.  See who is at your door & even turn on the lights, right from your phone!


  1. Smart Doorbell: with built in video surveillance you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Answer the door with a click of a button!

Smart Locks: ever wondered if you forgot to lock your door? Forgot your keys? Or would like to let someone in even if you are not home. With a smart lock, you can do it all from your mobile phone!


Elegance & Fun:

  • Smart Lighting: control your lighting from anywhere in the world.  Automate your lights to turn on and off with your specific set schedule.

  • Smart Multimedia:  Sync your smart lights to your on-screen TV content resulting in a immersive colorful display that reacts to your movies, tv shows, music and video games!

  • Smart Speakers: Play your music, turn your lights on or off, all with the sound of your voice!


Take a 360 degree view at what our smart multimedia and lighting packages can do for you:

If you're interested in our Smart Home Services, give us a call or email today!

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